Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Creative Closeting

I'll admit I'm a little delayed in the "spring cleaning" process- so delayed that it's more like "summer cleaning" now. BUT my closet was starting to look like it was worthy of being featured on an episode of Hoarders, so I figured it was time.

I've been watching HGTV's new series Million Dollar Closets, which inspired me to organize my ten dollar closet. I purged anything that I haven't worn in over a year (which was way more emotional than I expected) and sorted garments out by color and style (dresses, tops, jeans, etc.).

I know NYC's idea of a closet is a dent in the wall (and you're lucky if you even get that). A cool closet space -or lack there of- solution is to incorporate your clothes and shoes into the rest of your room. While I was trying to stuff everything into the 2 square feet that defines my closet, I had this lightbulb moment- instead of hiding our clothes behind a closet door, why don't we show them off as art? So I went out and bought 2 dress racks from Ikea ($15 a pop) and a few $5 shelves - I looked really cute lugging those bad boys around on a bus and two subways- and displayed to my heart's content! I love the way my room looks like an upscale showroom and I can actually SEE what I own now.

Fashionable Regards!


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