Thursday, May 31, 2012

If the Shoe Fits -

I know I've mentioned I 'm a bit excessively frugal from time to time, but believe it or not, there are some items that I do believe should be splurged on- a great bag, a flashy watch, a breathtaking dress, a durable winter coat, but most importantly- a fabulous pair of shoes!

To me, footwear is the exception to the rule of smart shopping -not only because I think shoes are wearable art and I arguably have a mentally unhealthy shoe fetish- but also because they can make or break the comfort level of your outfit (and consequently your overall mood). I know beauty is pain yata yata, but usually the better the shoe you purchase, the more comfortable and healthier they are to wear. I'm definitely not saying to go crack open your piggy bank and spend every penny you've ever saved on a pair of $3,000 Louboutins, but there are some great brands out there that are priced at a happy medium.

Jeffrey Campbell -
You will come to realize that I eat sleep and breathe Jeffrey Campbell shoes. Every bonus, birthday, and Christmas check I get goes towards a new pair.

Why to buy- I love the chunkiness, the height, and the outlandish styles he comes up with. But most importantly, I love the comfortability of JC shoes. No joke I could run a marathon in my 7 inch Litas.
What to buy- Litas, Foxy Wood, Skate WedgeMartini Spike, Rock Me, and Damsel Spike
Where to buy- Jeffery Campbell does not sell any merchandise from his own website which can be annoying, but keeps exclusivity high. You can find your favorite pair of JC's on Nasty Gal, Solestruck, Urban Outfitters, Karma Loop, and at Nordstrom.
Tip- Jeffrey Campbells do tend to run about 1/2 size big (so order on the smaller side).

Senso -
Senso is an Australian based, family-owned footwear company- so they give each design a lot of personal thought and attention to detail.

Why to buy- Senso shoes are super cutting edge, bold, and eye catching. I must admit, I was drawn to my first pair of wild Agnes wedges while shopping online for a pair of JC's- and it opened up a whole new world for me! Because their platforms and pumps are so awe-inspiring, the brand's other footwear tends to get overlooked. I absolutely adore their precious flats (like the Ella and the Esquire II) for those days when you just don't feel like strutting your stuff around in a pair of heels all day
What to buy- Sardinia, Jay, Saffir, and Madison Snow Leopard
Where to buy- Senso just launched their new online store (free global shipping!). You can also find Senso shoes at Solestruck!
Tip- Senso sizes are represented in EUR measurements. Visit the online sizing chart to find your size or shop Senso on Solestruck (already converted and represented in US sizes).

Sam Edleman -
Disclaimer: Not for the fashionably shy.

Why to buy- Two words: Shoe God. Sam Edleman manages to mix spunk with elegance in an effortless and genius way. Very comfy wedges, boots, pumps, and flats that will polish off any look. Seriously - throw on a pair with ordinary skinnies and a tee and you will look like you are ready for the runway! Love love love.
What to buy- Zoe, Lorissa, Zoyla, Karmine Flat, and Petty
Where to buy- Unfortunately the official Sam Edleman website is more of a window shopping tool, but Sam Edleman shoes are easily accessible. You can purchase your pair on Asos, Karma Loop, Nasty Gal, Solestruck, Shopbop and Piperlime to name a few.
Tip- Fits true to size!


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